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I currently work at Awesome Motive Inc. for SeedProd and its sister product, RafflePress. I've been working on these products for the last 4 years, creating content for their respective blogs.

Previously, I've worked freelance for several clients as both a writer and content manager.

Stacey Corrin

My Work Typically Involves


keyword research

Identifying and analyzing search terms to create content with a high search engine visibility.


Content Planning

Outlining, organizing, and planning calendars for creating and publishing content in WordPress.


people first content

Writing educational content that provides value to real users rather than writing just for search engines.


content optimization

Optimizing existing content to meet ranking signals and best practices while maintaining a people-first approach.


email marketing

Writing and sending email campaigns to nurture customer relationships, upsell products, and drive new sales.


Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Certified Email Marketing Specialist

Certified email marketing specialist

Direct Response Copywiting Specialist

Direct response copywriting specialist

HubSpot Inbound Certification

Personal Life

I live and work in Devon, in the southwest of England, with my 3 teenage children and partner of 14 years.

Besides having a passion for WordPress, I love design in all forms, including graphic design, web design, and even interior design (not my best talent!)

Outisde of work, I enjoy expressing my creativity through crochet. I'm known to spend hours huddled under a blanket I'm working on before realising I really don't need another one.

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